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Broady Flow Control Ltd has been supplying fire hydrant reducing valves for many years in a variety of materials for a number of different applications in many parts of the world.  The valves can be supplied with a flanged inlet in varying specifications, screwed and with quick release instantaneous outlet coupling.

Broady hydrant valves have a compact and simple design which are problem free and have a balance plug design, eliminating pressure shocks and protecting the outlet pressure. The hydrant valves have a self draining design and will not free in harsh conditions (e.g. the North Sea and sub-zero conditions). They are available with a high pressure override and have no pilot hole for reduced pressure sensing, eliminating corrosion potential.

The DH6i fire hydrant pressure reducing valve is the latest evolution of the `DH’ range of hydrant reducing valves. As with all the predecessors the valve has been fully designed and tested in accordance with BS5041. This new design has been developed under our approved ISO 9001 design system. 

The valve is suitable for all fire fighting applications where pressure reduction is required, a balanced inlet design ensures a constant outlet pressure, regardless of any fluctuations in the inlet pressure. The `S’ version (DH6i-S) allows the valve to work as both a landing valve, fully open in non-reducing mode, and as a standard pressure reducing fire hydrant valve. In both of these modes the valve can be fully closed using the hand wheel.

This range of valves are manufactured in a variety of materials, which include Bronze, Stainless Steel, Duplex
Stainless Steel and Titanium. The valve has a flanged inlet to customers requirements, and a quick release instantaneous coupling outlet. The inlet pressure can be up to 15.5 BARg with ANSI 150 flange or 20.0 BARg with ANSI 300 flange with a reduced pressure range of 4.0 to 8.0 barg.

Below is a brief summary of the Broady range of Hydrant Valves. 


Inlet Flange 1.5" to 3" DH6i (40NB)

Inlet Flange 3" DH6i-S (40NB)

(Other sizes available upon request)

Design Standards



In accordance with ASME B16.5, DIN EN 1092-1 or JIS 2220

(Other standards/options available upon request)

Screw Connections

BSP Male

(DH6 Hydrant Valve)


Bronze and Titanium

(Others available upon request)

Inlet Pressure (Max)

20 Barg

Outlet Pressure Range

4.0 Barg to 8.0 Barg


Liquid applications

Type DF1, DH4 and DH5 complete valves and spares are also available in the Broady hydrant range.

Further information for this valve can be found in the Broady DH6i Hydrant Valve technical datasheet.

Technical datasheets for all of our other valves can be found on the Technical section of our website.

If further assistance is required please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1482 619601 or email

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